From I81 take exit 307 head east on the Fairfax Pike (away from Sheetz), you will see Arby's and Sherwin Williams on your right we are right after that on the left next to Little Caesars and the car wash.
About Avebury Insurance LLC
Avebury Insurance LLC was created in 2011 to provide the best possible service to our customers as an exclusive agent for Allstate. At the core of this company is our values:
Open, Honest, Fair and Equitable
That means we will do the right thing, it may not always be the exactly what everyone wants but it will be the right thing to do under any circumstances. We will operate with these core values in mind to ensure that everyone dealing with Avebury will feel that they were treated with respect. Our goal is to prosper through hard work, helping people to protect what is important to them.
About our name
Avebury is the site of an ancient monument consisting of a large henge, several stone circles, stone avenues and barrows, surrounding the village of Avebury in the English county of Wiltshire. It is one of the finest and largest Neolithic monuments in Europe, about 5,000 years old. Although older than the megalithic stages of Stonehenge 32 kilometres (20 mi) to the south, the two monuments are broadly contemporary overall.

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